Property Management is our strength. The management system James Straith has developed has its roots in his thirty-five years of successful real estate experience. The Straith Group oversees developed projects for third parties. We provide support in rent collection, cost control, property maintenance and bookkeeping.

Our management process is client-focused and is directed by a simple formula: Increase property values while decreasing unnecessary expenditures.

Our management system is successful because of the sum of its parts. These components work in concert to provide the client with the best return on their investment.

  • Full computerized accounting which delivers cash-flow budgeting and accurate financial statements. Reports include data on income, renewal dates and options
  • Complete property maintenance which incorporates routine procedures and preemptive inspection checklists.
  • Analysis, recommendation and implementation of building and ground preservation and security.
  • Development of energy use profile incorporating new technology and techniques to reduce energy costs.
  • Property assessment with recommendations of capital improvements to increase value and promote tenant satisfaction
  • Surveys of tenants wants and needs to increase relations and retention
  • Supervise on-site personnel, third party contractors, routine maintenance, building improvements.