Every condominium association has important duties to its members to comply with it's corporate by-laws. the directors have a fiduciary responsibilities to the other homeowners and themselves to protect and enhance property values while controlling operating costs and delivering services to the property. Common area maintenance fees must be controlled and accounted for in an accurate and timely manner and records must be maintained for reporting and control.

The Straith Group can deliver these and other necessary services economically and efficiently. Our many years of experience in the processional management and maintenance of multifamily properties give us superior expertise in the three most important aspects of condominium management: expense control, market value appreciation, and service. Enhanced market value and reduced costs can often offset our monthly fees. If your property management needs exceed our current services, please contact us for a free analysis management proposal.

We Deliver:

  • Standard and custom financial reporting
  • Skilled maintenance technicians and contractors
  • Clerical services for condominium association
  • Cost control through contract bid process
  • Prompt and thorough response to serve requests
  • Professional consultation on property maintenance, management and other By-Laws compliance issues

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The Straith Group was formed in 1975 with a mission to deliver high quality property management services to individual multi-family home owners and investors. It is owned and operated by James C. Straith M.B.A. a condominium owner and multi family investor.